The Netflix menu on a computer screen.There is a lot of competition today for mostly fee-based delivery of video on your internet-connected TV or portable media devices like iPads. Some of those services offer audio description for their programming, while others are under pressure to do so.

At the start of 2019, the following services offer a significant number of audio described movies and other programming: Amazon’s Prime Video (with over 400 titles), Netflix (with over 800 titles), Apple’s iTunes (with over 900 titles), plus the free Watch ABC App for ABC network programming.

Even an adult video site offers description for a subset of its videos!

We offer alphabetized listings of described titles from iTunes, Netflix, and Prime Video. There’s a separate page devoted to general information about Streaming Services. While at the time of this recording, Hulu does not offer described movies, it has reached a settlement agreement with the ACB to offer described movies sometime in 2019. Check our Streaming page for updates.

Perhaps our most important offering: our Master AD List, includes every audio described video currently available at the cinema (as first-run movies), on DVD (since 1997), on the nine mandated TV networks, or one of the streaming services (iTunes, Netflix, or Prime Video) – a number approaching 2500 video offerings with description.

CONCLUSION So there you have it, the end of our series!

If you have any feedback on, or suggestions for improvement to this document, please send them to [email protected] This paper on audio description was written by Fred Brack, webmaster for the Audio Description Project.

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