Jennissary (she/her) writes about her new role at DVW, as Producer for Live and Interactive Audio Description.

About four years ago, someone made a request for sighted assistance on a gaming forum. When I responded to their request, I had no idea that it would significantly change my path (my background is in biotech), lead me to find a new passion, and land my dream job at Descriptive Video Works.

Since then, I have made many friends in the blind and low-vision gaming community, and these relationships prompted me to gain the necessary skills to become a describer. The reason was simple: I want to play games with my friends! 

I co-founded the Transcribing Games Volunteer Project with SightlessKombat, the gamer who originally made that request for sighted assistance. Together, we have collaborated on dozens of scripts, trained volunteers, fulfilled viewer requests for gaming-related videos, and created many hours of content for blind and low vision players. It has made us realize how much is lacking from the games themselves. I knew that I wanted to do more. 

My friend and fellow gamer, Brandon “Superblindman” Cole, introduced me to the folks at DVW – I immediately knew it was the perfect fit, because of our shared passion for high-quality audio description and accessibility. In October 2022, I came on board as a writer and live describer. 

In my new role, as Producer for Live and Interactive Audio Description, I will be assisting DVW in organizing live description for live gaming and other events, and helping push for audio description to be incorporated into more interactive media. 

Understanding the narrative and visual elements are vital components of gameplay, and I am really looking forward to helping bring Audio Description to more live and interactive media spaces in this new role.

It isn’t an understatement to say that this is my dream job! I can’t wait to help bring more accessibility into the world of video games, establish new practices, and of course: play more games with my friends!


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