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Descriptive Video Works is the leading provider of audio description services in North America. The quality of our work resonates with clients around the world.

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Audio Description Service Experts

Audio description for TV, movies, advertisements, PSAs, video games, educational videos, and more, is all we do, and all we’ve been doing for more than 20 years. We are guided by our advisory council: blind professionals and passionate AD consumers who tell us what makes for great audio description. By centering our service around the guidance and assistance of people who are blind and low vision, we have set ourselves the highest standards in the audio description industry and we’ve helped shape the best practices used in Canada and the US.

Inclusive Approach

We believe passionately in Nothing About Us, Without Us – as a result our team have ensured a practice of inclusive hiring of blind professionals in our work. In addition to our advisory council we have built an industry leading roster of blind narrators as well as a dedicated team of blind QC operators. It’s our belief that including blind professionals in the creation of audio description elevates the quality of our work.



Specialized Talent

We train our writers one by one for the specific requirements of audio description. All our writers know how to efficiently convey the most important information without interrupting the dialogue of any TV show, movie, video, or video game. Our trained writers know to paint a vivid and descriptive picture while respecting the content and genre of any kind of TV show, production, movie, or game. With each scene they write, they create a deeper impression in the mind of the viewer.

We have a diverse pool of narrators for any production so we can choose the right narrator for the tone or cultural context of each video, TV show, movie, or gaming production. Our narrators understand the subtle art of audio description and how to add just enough emotion to their voice to enhance the show without competing with it.

Our narrators are guided by experienced recording engineers to get the highest quality recording possible. And then our audio engineers blend the show’s audio with our narration so they create a seamless listening experience where both the description and the show’s original audio are clear and enjoyable. Our whole team comes together to make visual media accessible and enjoyable.

Global Reach

At DVW, we believe accessibility means access for all people regardless of location or language. Our team spans six continents and we provide AD services in over 18 different languages.


Latest from the Blog

October 24, 2023
We are excited to announce that we have a new and improved website, and a redesigned logo to better serve our clients and audience.  The DVW (Descriptive Video Works) website has been updated and enhanced for accessibility for people who are blind and low vision. The simplified fonts, high contrast… Continue Reading Check Out Our New Website and Logo!
May 15, 2023
On Thursday, May 4, Descriptive Video Works celebrated its 20th anniversary at the Granville Island Hotel, with a special evening of cocktails, memories, mingling and fun. This milestone event was attended by current and former employees, clients, partners, advisory council members, and accessibility advocates from around the world!  L-R Joel… Continue Reading Celebrating 20 years of Descriptive Video Works!
April 5, 2023
Jennissary (she/her) writes about her new role at DVW, as Producer for Live and Interactive Audio Description. About four years ago, someone made a request for sighted assistance on a gaming forum. When I responded to their request, I had no idea that it would significantly change my path (my… Continue Reading Please help us welcome Jennissary to the DVW team!
March 30, 2023
The 95th annual Oscars™ celebration took place on March 12th, and this year Hollywood’s biggest night was more accessible than ever, with American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters, custom design for the event including ramp access for all attendees, an access guide for press and attendees, captioning, and Audio Description (AD).… Continue Reading Hollywood’s Biggest Night Embraced Accessibility
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As a blind professional who has been training others in Audio Description (AD) since 2015, I can honestly say that Descriptive Video Works (DVW) is among, if not the best company I have collaborated with. They have become a leader in the AD industry for consistently updating their standards, educating their clients, and innovating workflows based on input from blind professionals they hire and seek feedback from.

Colleen Connor — Audio Description Training Retreats

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