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Descriptive Video Works are your experts in making your video accessible

Descriptive Video Works is the leading provider of audio description services in North America. The quality of our work resonates with clients around the world.

Audio description service experts: Audio description for TV, movies, advertisements, PSAs, games, educational videos, and more, is all we do, and all we’ve been doing for 17 years. We are guided by our advisory council: people who are blind who tell us what makes for great audio description. With the guidance and assistance of people who are blind and low vision, we have set ourselves the highest standards in the audio description industry and we’ve helped shape the best practices used in Canada and the US.

Specialized writers: We train our writers one by one for the specific requirements of audio description. All our writers know how to efficiently convey the most important information without interrupting the dialogue of any TV show, movie, video, or video game. Our trained writers know to paint a vivid and descriptive picture while respecting the content and genre of any kind of TV show, production, movie, or game. With each scene they write, they create a deeper impression in the mind of the viewer.

Specialized narrators: We have a diverse pool of narrators for any production so we can choose the right narrator for the tone of each video, TV show, movie, or gaming production. Our narrators understand the subtle art of audio description and how to add just enough emotion to their voice to enhance the show without competing with it.

Specialized recordists and mixers: Our narrators are guided by experienced recording engineers to get the highest quality recording possible. And then our audio engineers blend the show’s audio with our narration so they create a seamless listening experience where both the description and the show’s original audio are clear and enjoyable.

Our whole team comes together to make visual media accessible and enjoyable.

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