Nicolas Liorzou, Managing Director Americas, Keyword Studios with DVW teamIt’s exciting to bring Descriptive Video Works’ (DVW) world-leading voice in the field of Audio Description to a global leader in providing digital service for video games and other interactive content.

At DVW, we specialize in making visual media accessible to blind and visually-impaired audiences around the world. A big part of our success is the expertise of our Advisory Council, comprised of blind and visually-impaired individuals. We work together, consulting with the Council regularly to ensure our services meet our customers unique needs.

Our partnership with Keywords Studios arrives hot-on-the-heels of big changes for our fast-growing Vancouver-based company.

  • In 2018, DVW became the first and only Canadian company to join the Netflix Post Partner Program (NP3) as an Audio Description partner.
  • In early 2019, we said goodbye to our long-term home and moved our team into a fabulous new studio in the heart of Vancouver’s film production district. The gorgeous new, purpose-built facility has more than doubled DVW’s capacity. Our service offer is bigger than ever!  

Our dedicated, passionate team is elated to join the international network of amazing Keyword Studios companies.


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