Rhys Lloyd, Studio Head, shares his thoughts on Global Accessibility Awareness Day and the importance of inclusion and accessibility for the more than one billion people worldwide with disabilities.

At Descriptive Video Works, we provide Audio Description (AD) or Described Video (DV) for TV, feature films, sports, video games, theatre, commercials, live events, and many other forms of media. This rich narration provides information about the key visual elements so that people who are blind, low vision, or have other sensory challenges can fully enjoy the content. AD provides key information about the visual content and elements on screen, such as settings, facial expressions, costumes, and characters’ physical action. In our work, we regularly hear from people that have utilized Audio Description for the first time, and they tell us how it completely changes their entertainment experience. 

At DVW, we work closely with an advisory council of Activists, Filmmakers, Writers, Creators, Bloggers, Gamers, Voice Actors, and Advocates from around the world in order to increase awareness, develop new resources and services, make advancements in Audio Description, and highlight and address accessibility issues and systematic barriers for people who are blind or low vision.

There are over one billion people worldwide with a vision, hearing, motor, or cognitive disability, and we want to expand our services and increase awareness to ensure that everyone, regardless of ability or disability, can enjoy media, games, and other new technology. Accessibility should be a core requirement for entertainment and media, not an afterthought or a box to check. On Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we want to celebrate inclusion and accessibility for all.

To learn more about Global Accessibility Awareness Day, visit: https://accessibility.day/ 

Rhys Lloyd

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